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Qualifications for Advertising.

Beauty. Impact. Quality. Professionalism.

In an effort to maintain the highest level of quality, Ten Houston Wedding Photographers only accepts wedding photographers who meet at least four of the following criteria:

  1. have years of training and experience.
  2. have a current blog dedicated to professional photography.
  3. have a membership to at least one professional photographic organization.
  4. compete regularly with their artwork.
  5. link to 10hwp homepage. (mandatory)

Benefits of Advertising.

  1. No Back Page. Brides-to-be visiting Ten Houston Wedding Photographers are presented with only ten photographers, and all on one page giving your studio unparalleled exposure.  Other advertising options force photographers to pay a premium in order to be placed at the front of the pack, or risk getingt lost in the back of the bus.  At Ten Houston Wedding Photographers, all advertisers are given premium placement.
  2. Efficiency and ease of use. Unlike other popular advertising options, visitors have the capability to contact all participating wedding photographers at once with one simple click, increasing the probability that each listed studio will receive a high percentage of valuable leads.
  3. Your contact form tastefully gives you a general idea of the prospects budget.
  4. Your sample images are displayed larger than life on our homepage for impact.
  5. Our blog contains excerpts of your blog giving your blog more exposure, bringing you more readers.
  6. We reinvest to ensure excellent search engine placement.
  7. No annual contracts are required. All agreements are month to month.

Use The Form To The Right To Be Added To Our Waiting List.

10 Houston Wedding Photographers allows only ten wedding photographers to advertise at any one given time.  If all ten spots are filled, and you would still like to be considered for a listing with us, you may place yourself on our waiting list.  As an opening becomes available, you will be contacted.

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