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    • Aug.10 // Ginny + Drake wedding

      Ginny and Drake were married this past Saturday in a fabulous wedding at Second Baptist Church on Woodway  with a reception down the road at Houston Country Club. Susie Miller provided the flowers while entertainment was from the band, Sauce and the cakes were created by Marlene Romero.

      They were such a pleasure to work with and get …

      • Aug.10 // Ten Tips For Photographing Fireworks.

        1) Use a tripod. Reduce that camera shake! 2) Use a remote release to further prevent camera shake. 3) Pre-compose your shot where you think the firework will explode. 4) Aperture should be set for a bright light, F8 or higher. 5) Shutter Speed: Here you will want to experiment deepening on your existing ambient [...]
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        • Aug.10 // The Shannahan / Scheffler Wedding.

          This wedding service however was quite special. The bride played organ at the Chapel of St. Basil for 4 years and currently serves as associate director of music for their student choir. The couple was married by five priests!  Wow! The principal celebrant was Fr. Robert Crooker, a priest at the University of St. Thomas. The [...]
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